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Julian Morgan has been playing the guitar for 30 years and teaching for 20 years playing many genres from Rock Guitar, Electric, Acoustic, Classical and Blues (plus much more). Jules has jammed with friends, done live performances covering legendary artists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani Yngwie Malmsteen and gone on to compose his own Rock Instrumentals.

Jules has done live Classical guitar shows and played on stage with friends and musicians of many genres, also with a strong teaching ability and a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to bring to his Lessons. 

You can gain official qualifications with julesmusic through the London College of Music. Lessons are all taught online via Zoom, simply email or Facebook messenger chat to arrange a good time for you.

Lessons are well structured and educational to to keep you motivated, and Taylor made to your requirements. Learn official grades, or request you own transcriptions with all the understanding of how to count the time and beats to all of your song requirments. All you need is a guitar, internet access, Zoom and a sense of humour. 

Happy strumming

Acoustic Guitar Lessons £25:00 per hour for 1 on 1 tuition Via Zoom Lessons  Learn from complete beginner and intermediate to Advanced in all aspects of acoustic playing. Learn how to count beats and time signatures correctly. Strumming patterns and songs of your choice for an interactive experience. 

Feel free to download any of the PDF’s below to some of Julesmusic’s transcriptions


Classical Guitar £25:00 per hour for 1 on 1 tuition Via Zoom Lessons   Segovia scales and technics, performance pieces, correct playing styles, and progress with music theory as you go along. In-depth educational courses. Learn through the London College of music officially graded syllabus. Please click the link below to sample a fee lesson

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